6 Times Uranus Adjusted Our Attitude in 2020: A Memoir

Planet of sudden change, disruption, insight, and revolution.

When planets come to patient, steady, reliable Taurus they are expected to enhance and deepen our sense of security. We find ourselves reaching for comfort, an appreciation of our surroundings, an air of civility, and the structures that we know we can rely upon to make us feel cozy and safe. In other words, to exhale.

Uranus is having none of that.

All systems of thought reach a point where they can no longer be comfortably modified, they must be dismantled. Uranus is that agent of change. Breaking down to breakthrough is the overarching name of the game when this planet touches a sensitive point in the horoscope of a person, or of a nation.

The planet Uranus, bringer of sudden change, disruption, and revolution has been traveling through the sign Taurus since March of 2019 where he will remain until 2025. The year 2020 has given us so much to be thankful for.

Nothing wakes us up to being grateful faster than times of crisis and uncertainty, the gift of Uranus.

This period of Uranus shaking up our sense of normalcy is not without just cause, however. Uranus also represents the awakenings a people or a society have together as the dust is settling. It demolishes our sense of “the way things are” and asks us to start over. Taurus represents the things we appreciate in life and the price we are willing to pay for them. Uranus placed here asks us to wake up to things we have taken for granted and to adjust our priorities.

Here are 6 times Uranus challenged our comfort, and asked us to change our priorities this year.

  1. Mask Mandates

Taurus rules the voice box. Uranus rules rebellion against restriction. Doctors told us that masking would help slow the speed of COVID-19 some saw it as an infringement on their rights, and protested against such mandates.

2. Rampant Unemployment and Business Closure

Taurus rules income, money, and holdings. As people became aware of the pandemic surge and government implemented mandatory restrictions, many lost jobs they had for years and business owners had to let go of their employees. We were shown that nothing can be taken for granted under a Uranus transit and prompted to ask ourselves as a society, larger questions regarding governmental financial support.

3. The Murder of George Floyd

Taurus rules the throat. As Mr. Floyd was seen and heard begging for his life as it was being pushed out of him with a police officer’s knee on his neck, the world was painfully called to action for change in current policing routines and awakened to the rampant systemic racism that now must be dismantled and reorganized.

4. Touching

Taurus rules the sensual pleasures of the body such as touch. We probably didn’t realize just how much healing touch has been a part of our our everyday lives until it became impossible for us to connect through touch with loved ones in hospitals, nursing homes, and even in one on one meetings. A newfound appreciation for that which has become hazardous has been renewed.

5. The 6 Feet Rule

Taurus rules what we consider to be ours. We often associate this with physical objects like our home, car, or our favorite coffee mug. Uranus, the sky god, represents the space between things. We have been prompted now to change our ideas of appropriate proximity, becoming more aware of our personal bubble and who we allow in it.

6. The Voice of the People

Since the election on November 3rd Donald Trump has been challenging the results of the election in multiple courts in multiple states, prompting stubborn revolts by citizens against the representation of the will of the people. All cases have been dismissed due to lack of evidence of fraud or tampering. The vote is the people’s voice, and the people have spoken. Taurus rules the voice, both literally and proverbially.

The first full year in the movement of any of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) is usually frought with crisis and change. Ultimately because we have not planned for, or had time yet to adjust to it. While 2021 looks to be a stabilizing year, one thing is for sure; There are some things we will never take for granted again.



Psychic-medium and Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Need answers? http://linktr.ee/Love911tarot

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