5 Side Effects No One Told You About Psychic Readings

So you go to a psychic and get a legitimate reading. I’m sure no one ever told you that that’s not all that’s happening in the session. You may already know that in order for a psychic to “read” your energy, you in turn must be open enough to receive an exchange of that psychic’s vibration. In other words you must allow some of their energy to blend with yours. In the process, you will take on some of their gifts for a time afterwards.

Yes, I said what I said.

There’s some really AMAZING side effects to getting a reading for yourself from a professional psychic or medium.

Here they are as I’ve experienced them firsthand:

You Become More Psychic.

Sure we’ve all had periods of raw psychic power popping up in our day to day lives. finishing someone’s sentence, thinking of someone just before they call, thinking about a deceased loved one just before someone sends you an old picture of them. After a psychic reading it is true that these events are likely to happen more often for a period of time while you still retain some of the professional psychic’s energy.

Your Dreams Become More Vivid.

There are several types of dreams Spirit uses for communication, and some people swear they don’t dream at all (they do, they just don’t remember). Following a visit with your psychic you may find your dream life to be more active. You may have visitations from loved ones, prophetic dreams about the people in your everyday life, or receive warnings or messages from higher level beings such as your spirit guide.

Your Loved Ones Contact You Directly.

This is especially common after you receive a mediumship reading. A good medium will coach you on how your loved ones communicate, and will act as interpreter for them during your session. Following this your loved ones know that you are open to receiving them, and will contact you usually within 72 hours of a session while your vibration is still attuned to them, and you are still fresh off the connection.

You’re Nicer To Others.

This may sound trivial, but something happens after we have been in the presence of the Source of all loving kindness. Our perspectives change, we are more reasonable about what really matters in life, and somehow our issues seem manageable.

You Raise Your Vibration.

The imagination is the key tool of all psychic powers. One must have a dream before one can have a dream come true. Following your psychic reading, the things that resonated in your heart about your future will begin to materialize very quickly. You will become clairvoyant of your own future and be able to see the seeds of future events beginning to unfold. You also will be able to turn this vision toward others for a time with ease, and see their future paths as well.

We are psychic beings having a physical experience. When you visit a psychic they are not just performing the uncanny ability to bend time and see into the future; they are reintroducing you to your ability to do the same.



Psychic-medium and Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Need answers? http://linktr.ee/Love911tarot

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